Zodiac Candle- LIBRA

Zodiac Candle- LIBRA

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The libra woman is the spirit and determination of snow white and the courage and charity of Robyn Hood + all his merry men, meets the style and celebrity of Kim Kardashian. The essence of libra energy evokes balance, which helps her achieve that inner and outer beauty. Aesthetic meets substance, which endows her to feel like she is the fairest of them all.

Her element is air. But libra is no gale force wind! She is the mild breeze of change, so you may barely even notice that you’ve been swept somewhere new. Under the influence of her gust you may crave a team which supports you in your projects or be gifted the empowerment to achieve your goals by flying solo. 

Her ruling planet is venus; the planet of beauty and love. This makes her graceful, sincere, generous and hopelessly romantic! Don’t mistake these values for innocence or inexperience…venus moves quickly and is quite precise, so if there is something she dislikes or anything she considers unjust, you will meet her ‘direct’ side and she will do everything in her power to negotiate and find justice. Whether it be a five minute conversation that morphs into a three-hour philosophical talk or a gofundme page that goes viral, she is the warrior of peace!



⁠I welcome new opportunities and adventures to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually and know ultimately i am the master of my own destiny.


AGATE - Stabilise . Harmonise . Power


BREATHE IN Lemongrass + Persian lime



Top: fresh lemongrass

Middle: soft florals

Base: zesty lemon + lime


art by @matildabianc