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Why to take action, amplify + move forward.


  1. Tumble stones - tigers eye, pyrite + citrine 
  2. Selenite wand
  3. Palo santo smudge stick 
  4. Scroll

Mantra my mind body and soul are energised. I am confident and abundant in all facets of my life.

When full moon! This is the time where the moon is at its brightest + largest in the night sky. You may be naturally accelerated during a full moon + energy levels could be at their peak. It’s time to lay your crystals outside in the light of the full moon (preferably somewhere on a natural surface) + let them babies charge up all that goodness that mother nature has to offer.

If you’re having trouble catching zzzz’s, then use your excess energy to meditate under the full moons light to balance your yin + yang energy.

How the ritual! Cleanse + charge your space to manifest abundance.


Step 1 light your palo santo allow the stick to burn for at least 30 seconds then blow it out.

Step 2 once you have a nice smoke going, wave your hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body, working from your feet up to your head, then back down again. To cleanse your space, smudge the perimeter of each room with the smoke. Be sure to keep windows + doors open to allow unwanted energy to flow out.

Step 3 allow your energy to shift, feeling gratitude in

Selenite + crystals manifest + take charge!

Step 1 sit in a comfortable position in your cleansed + charged space.

Step 2 hold the selenite wand in your left hand + crystals in your right hand. Take 3 deep breaths whilst focusing on the expansion on the inhale.

Step 3 repeat the mantra on the front, whilst meditating on the intentions you wish to manifest. Go deeper...
Create a crystal grid! 

Step 4 send your intention out into the cosmos + manifest it into fruition by completing your ritual + extinguishing your palo santo.

Step 5 leave your crystals out under the full moon to charge + amplify your intentions.