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Why to protect you and your space of any unwanted juju.


  1. Tumble stones - black tourmailine, fluorite + amethyst
  2. Selenite wand
  3. Palo santo smudge stick 
  4. Scroll

Mantra i am surrounded and protected by white light. I am shielded from all negative influences and my energy is pure, clean and of the highest frequency.

When waning moon! This is the phase between the new moon + the full moon. It’s a time where you may be slowing down to take a break. Use this time to focus your energy on where you feel you need protection. Cleanse your crystals in the sea or natural running water. When the crystals are cleansed, start working with them immediately.

For example
1. By the entrance door to protect against the energy of
others coming into your space.
2. On your bedside table to protect from bad dreams.

How the ritual! Cleanse + protect your space of any obstacles.

Step 1 light the palo santo allow the stick to burn for at least 30 seconds then blow it out.

Step 2 once you have a nice smoke going, wave your hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body, working from your feet up to your head, then back down again. To cleanse your space, smudge the perimeter of each room with the smoke. Be sure to keep windows + doors open to allow unwanted energy to flow out.

Step 3 visualise the smoke lifting away any stagnant energy + filling your space with white light to symbolise protection.

Selenite + crystals protect you + your space!

Step 1 sit in a comfortable position in your cleansed + protected space.

Step 2 hold the selenite wand in your left hand + the crystals in your right hand. Take 3 deep breaths; relaxing your body on each exhale.

Step 3 repeat the mantra on the front, whilst meditating + visualising a white dome of light protecting the perimeter of you + your space.

Step 4 send the white light to anyone or anything that needs protecting.

Step 5 leave your crystals in + around your space to keep you protected from any negative energies.