Zodiac Candle- SCORPIO

Zodiac Candle- SCORPIO

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The Scorpio woman is focused, fierce, loyal and brave. 

Her charismatic personality makes her a trendsetter. She is a lover of art, underground music and spicy food! Her magnetic energy can be addictive. It is her intense, smooth-moving yet mysterious nature that draws us in to her superpowers and can quickly turn curiosity into a cult-like following! 

She uses her ‘water element’, together with her powerfully controlled persona, to turn intuitive tides into forceful streams of psychic and healing energy to continually transform and reinvent herself. 

Under her influence she helps us in our darkest hours. She is not afraid to delve into the murky waters of the emotionally and spiritually unknown to protect those that are loyal to her and to empower them to look into hidden places that many don’t usually have the courage to face alone.

Scorpio’s scorching passion will make you explore your darkest emotions and/or sexuality. If bitten, her seductive venom will guide you through fifty shades of red, leaving you with soul-changing experiences. 

Ruled by the planet ‘Pluto’; small but mighty, it’s also the planet that orbits the farthest away from the sun. This can be associated with darkness, the subconscious, death and rebirth....not exactly lighthearted stuff!  She craves mystery and intensity. Pluto plays a large a part in her ability to get in touch with the unconscious self, making her one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac.

Although she secretly yearns for total and utter control over everything, it takes a lot for Scorpio to reveal her vulnerability, so once this connection is made, guard that privilege with your life! As she opens up and learns to show her light and shade, she can heal herself and others in ways that are truly profound.



I am transformed and renewed with the magic and mystery that is now and eternal.  


Fluorite -  Truth, consciousness intellect  


BREATHE IN Mimosa Blossom + Sweet Tangerine 


Top: Sweet Berries

Middle: Soft Jasmine

Base: Lilies + Vanilla 


art by @matildabianc