Moonstone has a strong connection...

to the spiritual world. It's a perfect stone if you are feeling disconnected from a higher power + feel as if you need some spiritual guidance. Use this crystal to re-connect + get in touch with your emotions.

COLOUR White, cream, peach, light pink + rainbow 

BIRTH MONTH June + July 

ZODIAC Cancer 

CHAKRA Third Eye (Ajna) - unlock intuition, psychic ability + higher consciousness. 

AFFIRMATION/MANTRA "I call forth the energies of the deep Feminine, and I open myself to the inner gifts of the Goddess".

EMOTIONAL Soothing to the emotions. Allows positive energy to flow, which dissolves past hurts, pain + longings. It is also known to open the mind to serendipity + hidden opportunities, by increases intuition.

PHYSICAL Especially beneficial for the a women's reproductive system. Soothes stomach upsets + digestive disorders, as well as calming an overactive thyroid. 

TIP Place a moonstone tumble in each hand while meditating, to balance your yin + yang energy + to stimulate your spiritual connection.