Citrine is a stone of manifestation + abundance... 

It is a premier stone of manifestation, imagination + personal will. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm + comforting, energising + life giving. Its frequency awakens creativity, imagination + sustains the process of transforming dreams + wishes into tangible form.

COLOUR Yellow+ orange (transparent)


ZODIAC Scorpio

CHAKRA Solar Plexus (Svadhishthana) - This is the source of personal power, self-belief + self-worth

AFFIRMATION/MANTRA "I fully embrace my courage, confidence, success and self-worth. I am worthy of financial abundance".

EMOTIONAL  An excellent crystal for overcoming depression, as this stone is known to raise self-esteem by letting go of the past + allowing one to move forward optimistically.

PHYSICAL Naturally enhances physical stamina + energy. Supports the endocrine system + encourages proper metabolism. 

TIP Keep a citrine stone in your purse to attract wealth + abundance.