Amethyst is calming + meditative...

Stone which works in the emotional, spiritual + physical planes to promote calm, balance + peace. 

COLOUR Violet (shades of purple) 


ZODIAC Aquarius + Pisces 

CHAKRA Crown (Sahasrara) - Spirituality Enlightenment 

AFFIRMATION/MANTRA "Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time. I am connected to the divine within. I am safe and secure." 

EMOTIONAL A Soothing stone, used to ease stress + emotional exhaustion by calming + focusing an overactive mind. Also used to help with addictive traits within the personality. 

PHYSICAL Eases headaches. 

TIPS Store a couple of tumble's in the fridge + place the cold amethyst stones over the temples. 

Place a stone by the entrance of your home or work area to protect your space from any bad juju.

A great stone to put in a lavender mist + spray around your pillow for a deep restful sleep.