Agate is the stone to centre + ground...

It's a gentle stone that helps show you that the possibilities are endless + you can follow the path that best resonates with you! It is a great stone to use to help with concentration + can help to curb your desire to accomplish many things all at once. It can also assist you to better manage your time so that you will not feel overwhelmed.

COLOUR Brown, Grey, Pink (Mix)



CHAKRA Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana) -Centre of pleasure, enjoyment + Creativity

AFFIRMATION/MANTRA “With ease of mind, I welcome peace and balance into my life."

EMOTIONAL Reduces tension + stress. Can also help to harmonise your environment.

PHYSICAL Said to help with stomach issues + can stimulate the digestive system.

TIP Put an agate stone chain on your keys to protect + help you centre + stabilise your energies.