Your top 3 Stones to embrace for 2020!

As the sun rose this morning, new plans for that dream career were set, new years resolutions were made for travel and vast adventures and intentions were planned to become the next wellness warrior!

Perhaps we may start our journey on the 2nd, 3rd of 4th day into Jan, or maybe Monday next week! haha. But, whatever your plans are for the new year, we got you boo! So let's tap into that inner spiritual gangster and set you on that golden citrine yellow brick road and get this magic activated! 

This is our personal pick of the top 3 stones that will become your necessity crystals, to say Se La Vie' to 2019 and welcome in the New Year with large, sparkling open arms. 

1. Moonstone The perfect stone if you are feeling disconnected from higher power and craving some spiritual motivation! Moonstone has a very strong connection to the spiritual world and can help focus the mind on the changes and opportunities ahead. When used in meditation and in journalling goals, it enables you to embrace them with grace and optimism. 

2. Malachite  An incredibly protective stone. This crystal uses its earth energy to ground you, to enable you to move forward, by letting go of the past and what no longer serves you. It helps to clear any negativity for your atmosphere and let go of past hurts with compassion and forgiveness. 

3. Fluorite Is a gemstone often used in metaphoric stabilisation. It balances and protects the aura and deflects electromagnetic smog and stress from your space. It also helps to create and keep safe boundaries. 

Crystals aren't made to rattle around in your pocket... Use them on your desk to enhance inspiration, keep them in your car or when travelling to promote protection and carry them in your purse to manifest abundance!

Get creative tribe! 

Love and Light to all, as we journey into 2020! 

Kym xox