Top 5 Tips To Create A Sacred Space

Top 5 Tips To Create A Sacred Space

  Make it your own  

  • Step 1 Designate a space in your home.

Create a custom space that balances, your mind, body and spirit in your personal surroundings. This does not have to be a room as such, it could be as simple as a corner or a shelf as long as you can create an area that is harmonious and is uninterrupted

  • Step 2 Declutter your space

Cleaning clutter is a proven therapy for creating change in your life, and you never know what treasures you may find in the process. Cleanse your space by smudging with sage or palmonte, open your windows and let there be light.

  • Step 3 Set a time

Set a time everyday so you can commit to practicing at the same time everyday with consistency being the key. Whether it is a ritual, yoga, or meditation make it the same time everyday.

  • Step 4 Set the tone

Select things mindfully, the things you love that you have a connection to and that inspire you. Set the tone by bringing in crystals and candles to light and connect to the light.

  • Step 5 Maximise the power of your senses

See-Colours that resinate with you, pictures that have meaning and make you feel good, lighting is also very important to create the mood.

Hear- Choose music that is soothing and relaxes you.

Touch- A soft pillow or mat to sit on that makes you feel good.

Smell- Think of your favourite smells that put you into the right frame of mind, your fav essential oil in a diffuser works a treat.